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Germany Type Hose Clamp
Name:Germany Type Hose Clamp
Material:Stainless steel (w2)

Product Description

9mm &12mm

Clamp with Side Placed Closure Component 

hose clamp is an ideal choice for different high torque’s installation. 

Due to its continuous improving, it has always been highest standard one among similar products.

Asymmetric design is the most typically technical feature of this 

 clamp, which would let you identify the product at first sight.


Product advantages:

●Wide Diameter range

●Material: W2, W3 and W5 respectively

●Band boasts with higher tensile force and more torque.

●Due to its optimized design, This clamp is able to spread the tightening power evenly over band, which ensures a better tightening effect.  

●No chromium VI used for coating, which are in compliance with the environmental requirements from ROHS, WEEE and ELV.

●Diameter range: From 8-12 mm to 140-160 mm.  

Screw Types   

  W1 W2 W3 W4 W5   

Phillips head   ●       

Slotted head     ●   ● 

Anti-corrosion Test    

Material Anti-corrosion time at salt spray test     

W1 More than 36 hours  

W2 More than 72 hours  

W3 More than 200 hours  

W4 More than 240 hours  

W5 More than 400 hours  

Maximum allowable corrosion rate is 10% as for the base metal.   

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